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  • Collaborate with HR for better recruitment

    Making hiring and recruitment go smoothly for everyone requires teamwork between human resources, communications, and district leaders.

  • The meaning of a mascot

    Logos and mascots aren’t just for fun — they carry deep meaning within the school community. Changing your mascot is an opportunity to take a look at what your school stands for.

  • Meeting expectations: Communicating with today’s families

    How many times have you heard “I had no idea” from a member of your school community in response to a new budgetary expense, strategic initiative or programmatic change that you’ve spent months talking about and publicizing?

  • Speaking up — or not — during times of social unrest

    Help your organization weigh its response to social events

  • A brand is not a logo: Reviving your district brand

    What is a brand? Find out why your district’s brand is much more than your color, logo, mascot or slogan.

  • Shifting focus: Choosing the best visuals to tell your district’s story

    Find and highlight the wonderful things happening in your school community.

  • Blog post: Locked doors, open eyes

    Mental health training for school staff is more than meeting a legal requirement; it’s key to our communities seeing the warning signs. The importance of mental health training in schools By Debbie Jakala, Public Information SpecialistCapital Region BOCES Acts of violence in schools. The news of each latest incident is met with grief, anger, condolences,…

  • When the news gets scary

    How can we talk to our children about the scary events we all may see in the news? In light of recent events, we offer these few suggestions to help parents consider how to begin these conversations with their children.